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Christmas Tree Crash

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Every time Christmas rolls around, I’m reminded of a horrific car accident that resulted in multiple claims to our company and several others. A family got a little carried away with their Christmas tree selection and bought a much bigger tree than could safely be strapped on the top of their small Toyota. Apparently, the branches impeded the driver’s vision and with some ice on the road, he rear ended the car in front of him. This set off a chain reaction so that 6 cars rear ended each other behind the Toyota. The first collision caused the poorly tied on Christmas tree to go flying and land on a Miata that was in the oncoming lane. The Miata then spun out of control and hit several parked cars and another car in the oncoming lane. Unfortunately, the Toyota’s property damage coverage was minimal and so was insufficient to cover the 10 cars that made claims under the policy. We took the recorded statement of the wife of the man that bought the tree and she explained that she told her husband that the tree was too big for their little car. He wouldn’t listen and so he became a defendant in a lawsuit with 5 insured Plaintiffs.

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